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As well as being a professional photographer I am a qualified construction professional with a lifetime of construction site experience. This makes me uniquely placed to work on live construction sites.

I understand construction sites, how they work, the environment, hazards and site operations. I also understand the details within construction sites that make for insightful images, as well as being fully aware of what is not to be included in images published in the outside world.

I have my own PPE and CSCS Professional Card, so can be quickly and safely inducted onto your site. My photographic equipment has been assembled to allow me to work quickly, quietly and professionally on site. I am comfortable working at height, underground or anywhere in-between!

About my building construction photography images

On this gallery page I have included a variety of construction shots from three major Dorset construction sites. The images show general construction sites, just finished buildings and details. I have even included mechanical plant.

The images show a mix of post-processing styles, all on the stylised end of the work I produce.

Rick McEvoy LBIPP - Building Construction Photography

Bournemouth | Poole | Sandbanks | Dorset | Hampshire

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